“Set Your Footprints In Concrete Stone And Let Your Legacy Live On”

Process of Elevation

This creative and powerful visual of becoming your greatest self is to inspire and motivate you to create the vision for your life and embrace the process of elevation to manifest the vision. LIstening to your inner voice to push you to keep going.

Champion Profile: CPT’s A1 Barber Trailer

A snippet from the Champion Profile On Juan the barber from Compton. Applying the Champion Principles, Juan uplifted himself from his circumstances and is now a celebrity barber with a list of NBA players and music artists in clientele. Stay tuned for the full short documentar! 

Champ Regg speaks at Cal State Dominguez University

Champ Regg pulled up on the guys at Cal State Dominguez to spread some inspiration and understanding around the mind and how to use it to its full potential. 

Devotion By The Ocean

Devotion to your dreams and goals is needed to see it grow. More importantly, devotion to elevating your emotions and mind allows for
one to have peace, clarity, focus, and discipline while on the journey to reap the fruits of your labor. Here's some motivation in the form of a poem to inspire the world!

Champs Up influences New Millennium High School

Champ Regg speaks to the students of New Millennium High School about his Story and the importance of them being aware of who they are.


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