Community Service

Gold Rose Award


Purple Stone Award


Blue Diamond Award


Gold Rose Award - The Gold Rose honors a sustaining member of Champs Up Organization for their ongoing impact in their community.  It is the most prestigious award given by The Champs Up Organization to honor a participant who has used their Champion Principles  to contribute to the betterment of the community.

Purple Stone Award - The Purple Stone Award honors a the sustaining member of Champs Up Organization for their faith and virtue.  It is the most precious award given by the Champs Up  Organization to honor a participant for their dedication towards their personal greatness while keeping a cheerful and compassionate spirit. 

Blue Diamond  Award - The Blue Diamond Award honors a sustaining member of the Champs Up Organization for character and  self awareness. “Self awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion” ~Billie Jean King


Each year Champs Up honors 15 students with awards and prizes.  The recipents are chosen by the Victory Coach whose members are drawn from the Victory roster.