Core Structure

Pillars of Champs Up University

Discovering the 'Power of Self' is a journey-like process, so let Champs Up University be your guide! Your school or organization can choose between a Full Length Program, Live Rally, Workshop Series, Or Standalone Workshop.

Multi-Tiered Program

Culture is key to any personal & professional environment.  Our focus is to instill a Victory-Over-Defeat Mindset, and build a welcoming environment that encourages growth.

Champion Culture

Universal Curriculum

Bringing a fresh approach to traditional SEL, our curriculum puts the 22 Principles to Victory into practice through both, in-person victory coaching and community development.

Words of Champions

"Made an impact & motivated me. It's a pleasure to always

come here every friday and a lecture that will help me later in

the future."

"Coach Regg was being completely honest with us the whole time. Talking about real life situations and teaching us to learn

from them and avoid other situations."

"I enjoyed learning about new ways of the meaning of life,

being told stories about people's experiences, and the

overall fun I had when doing mini activites.

"I liked the privacy and encouragement people had. The privacy

allowed those who are shy to write down their dreams, goals,

and desires without any fear of being judged. Furthermore, the

encouragement allowed those who might be insecure to value

themselves for who they are.

The Program was inspiring to me and made me feel like I

have the ability to pursue the best version of myself. I can

wake up and make a choice to work towards my greater

self, push out of negativity and do what's best for me. -

"Before I started this program my grades weren't the best. After

joining my grades shot up!"

I think this is a great program that everyone should have the

opportunity to be exposed to, especially black students. I dont

have much criticism other than wishing the program was


"The program made me feel relaxing & comfortable about my

life. It helped me fit in more and relate with the others. We all

want to be successful, and be good at something in life. Great

to just have a freedom and talk"

"We dont learn this sh!t in school, we can't learn this sh!t

anywhere else. You giving us the blueprint Coach Regg."


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