On Site Victory Coaching Program

CHAMPS UP : Victory Program

The Champs Up! “Victory” program consists of personal development and professional development coaching. The intention of this program is to raise the level of awareness of each individual so they can strive towards being their greatest form of self. 

We set individuals intentions to live by our signature “22 Champion Principles” so they can manifest the life they desire and envision. 

Despite external circumstances of their physical, mental, and emotional environment, we know that applying these champion principles will result in victory. We want people that experience our “Victory” program to understand what emotional intelligence (EQ) is and how important it is to have emotional intelligence to reach high levels of success and sustain it.

 We will cultivate students to understand the importance of having dominion over their mind and understand that the mind is used to create the reality one desires. 

Last but not least, we promote humanity. We coach the importance of our human value. Being compassionate and loving while experiencing our human existence fully present. Champs Up!  

Champion 22 Principles

The champion curriculum is an SEL driven curriculum for individuals to have the desire to be their greatest form of self. 

The program integrates 22 Champion Principles to promote the application of the principles to individuals character for the enhancement of social and emotional knowledge, skills, and behavior. 

The focus is to develop a consciousness for self-mastery which will result in an increase in performance on all levels.